Grow your frontline managers into frontline leaders and watch your organisation thrive!


I’m Karen Schmidt, the frontline leadership expert and I want to start a grass roots change to the way we develop frontline leaders.

After working with a lot of organisations I’ve found they often run one off workshops hoping they will create behavioural change. What happens instead is their frontline leaders get frustrated with having time off, coming back to their job no more confident and behind on their work.

That’s why I have designed a range of services that create real, lasting results:

  • Comprehensive Budding Leaders development program
  • Frontline leader development strategic Masterplan
  • Frontline leadership team growing sessions
  • Frontline leaders learning cafe
  • Leadership coaching for individuals and groups

I work with organisations who recognise the importance of people who lead at the frontline and want to create effective and efficient ways to help them grow.

My mission is to create a tribe of workplace gardeners, each with a plant on their desk symbolising their belief in my Workplace Gardening Philosophy.

To learn more, explore my website then contact me to discuss how I can help your organisation to thrive by growing your frontline managers into frontline leaders.

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