Grow your frontline leaders and thrive!


I’m Karen Schmidt, the frontline leadership expert. I want to help you develop your frontline leaders so your organisation can go from surviving to thriving.

Having authored 4 books and worked with over 20 industries in 8 countries, the senior leaders I meet tell me that most leadership development programs they’ve tried don’t work. Here’s a process that does.

“The Budding Leaders program was exactly what I was looking for – an emphasis on development of practical leadership aptitudes and sharing of experiences to build teamwork” Teri O’Toole, Australian Red Cross  


  • Are you frustrated with frontline leaders bringing you problems they should be able to solve themselves?
  • How much more time would you have if your frontline leaders were empowered to handle grassroots issues?
  • Do you send your frontline leaders away for workshops and they come back no more confident and behind on their work?


My Practical Leadership Development Model gives your frontline leaders the skills they need to boost their performance, which leads to improved team productivity and gives your senior leaders peace of mind.


If you need a down to earth, practical approach to developing your frontline leaders let’s talk.

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