When frontline managers grow into frontline leaders everyone thrives!


I’m Karen Schmidt, the frontline leadership expert and I want to start a grass roots change to the way we develop frontline leaders.



After working with organisations across a range of industries, I’ve found that many of the programs on offer don’t work. Instead, they make frontline leaders frustrated with having time off, then coming back to their job no more confident and behind on their work.

That’s why I have designed a program that creates real, lasting results. Budding Leaders is a comprehensive program, delivered for groups or individuals backed up with a resources toolkit that acts like slow release fertiliser to take people from surviving as a frontline manager to thriving as a frontline leader. I can then follow up with customised coaching sessions to further boost their growth. I also offer a range of shorter workshops for those organisations that already have a comprehensive development program.

I work with organisations who recognise the importance of people who lead at the frontline and want to help them grow … and individuals who are passionate about releasing the natural leader within them. My down to earth approach is practical and helps people to get results quickly.

My mission is to create a community of workplace gardeners, each with a plant on their desk symbolising their belief in my Workplace Gardening Philosophy.

To learn more, explore my website then contact me to discuss the best way for us to work together to help your organisation thrive!

For details on my speaking services visit www.karenschmidt.com.au