Grow your frontline leaders and thrive!


  • Are you concerned your frontline leaders don’t have the right skills?
  • Is there high turnover at the frontline as a direct result of poor leadership?
  • Do you send your frontline leaders on training but don’t seem to be getting results?


Then it’s time to stop what you are doing and look for a better way to develop them.


LR_Green_026 RetouchedI’m Karen Schmidt, the frontline leadership expert. I want to start a grass roots change to the way we develop frontline leaders so they can go from surviving to thriving and help your organisation to grow.


Having authored 5 books and worked with over 20 industries in 8 countries, the senior leaders I meet tell me that most leadership development programs they’ve tried don’t work. I have a process that does.


Using my Practical Leadership Development model let me show you how to increase the return on investment for your frontline leadership development budget.


Whether you have people who are:

  • Wanting to take on their first leadership position but lack the skills
  • About to be promoted and nervous because they aren’t prepared
  • Just been promoted and struggling with the role
  • Been in the role for a while and want to boost their performance



My programs will help your frontline leaders develop the skills they need to boost their performance, which leads to improved team productivity and gives your senior leaders peace of mind.


If you need a down to earth, practical approach to developing your frontline leaders let’s talk.