Blog: Notes from the workplace garden

How to stop getting suckered into time wasting tasks

Have you ever noticed trees that look like the one in this picture? All that green growth at the bottom might lead you to believe that it’s healthy but you would be wrong. This tree is in trouble and if the gardener responsible for it doesn’t do […]

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Are your team leaders dying, surviving or thriving?

Team leaders, supervisors, frontline leaders. Whatever you call them they are essential to the success of your organisation making up more than 60% of your leadership team and responsible for up to 80% of your staff. So how would you rate their performance? Are they dying, surviving […]

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Weighing the pros and cons of removing an under performer

Making the decision to remove an under performer is not always straightforward, whether you are talking about a tree in your garden or a member of your team. There are always going to be pros and cons involved. So how well do you weigh the pros and […]

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5 competencies that will set your frontline leaders apart from the rest

If you are looking to create new leaders who aren’t just good but who stand out from the rest then you need to look closely at the key competencies you offer them at the start of their careers. There are numerous skills that frontline leaders need to […]

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Why everything takes three months

Gardeners know that you can’t fight nature. That’s why they make plans based on the four seasons knowing that everything they do will probably take about three months to make a difference, like planting bulbs in Winter to be ready in Spring. I think this is a […]

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