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Greenhousing: Nurturing the next crop of leaders

greenhousing-karen-schmidtIt’s time for a grass roots change to the way we develop frontline leaders. They are vital to the success of any organisation. As the people who get their hands dirty, working with staff and interacting with customers they can make up 50% of your leaders, directly supervising up to 80% of your workforce.

If you want them to succeed you need to turn your organisation from an industrial age factory into a conceptual age ecosystemStop building an army of frontline managers and start nurturing a community of frontline leaders who can work in harmony with the nature of their teams.

  • Change the way you think about developing leaders
  • Identify the 7 focus areas for your development activities
  • Understand the needs of Gen Y leaders
  • Design a leader development strategy that gets results
  • Follow 10 simple steps that will see your leaders bloom

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Green Thumb Leader: How to grow from a frontline manager into a frontline leader

Green Thumb LeaderBeing a successful frontline leader takes more than just knowledge and skills, you also need the right attitude. When you combine those three powerful qualities you become a Green Thumb Leader.

Learn how to apply the principles that successful gardeners use to help you grow into the best frontline leader you can be. Using the “workplace gardening philosophy”, this book is full of practical tips to help you:

  • Increase your results by learning how to be a more natural leader
  • Get the most out of your team members with the minimum amount of effort
  • Develop in 5 key areas essential to success as a frontline leader in any industry

Ebook version $16.50 inc GST  

Printed version delivered in Australia $33.00 inc GST