I have over 12 years experience speaking at conferences, professional development days, networking events or client functions. Whether your delegates are senior leaders and business owners wanting to develop the next crop of leaders or people leading at the frontline leader, I use my practical messages and engaging delivery style to help them grow. [read more]


Budding Leaders Program 

Creating engaging leaders takes time. You can’t achieve results overnight by simply offering a selection of workshops and hope that your frontline leaders will implement the ideas. What they need is a systematic approach to their development, one that offers them a learning journey over time rather than a number of one off events. That’s why I have designed the Budding Leaders Program. The program covers what I believe are the 5 most important skill sets for people who lead at the frontline. [read more]


If your frontline leaders already have the basic skills they may benefit from individual coaching to take them to the next level. My coaching services give your new leaders the one on one support they need to grow stronger and faster. I also offer group coaching for team of leaders who want to learn how to better work together. [read more]


To find out how I can help you grow your frontline managers into frontline leaders contact me.